Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alterra at the Lake

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Today, Brooks and I decided to spend the day wandering in Milwaukee for no particular reason. We knew we wanted to sit someplace comfy and pretend to work so we ended up at Alterra at the Lake.

Alterra at the Lake is beautiful. How often do you get to hang out in a 125 year old river flushing station while eating sammiches and fruit galettes? This place was packed and we were so thankful to get a little table by a window. Brooks and I were starving by this time so I had the Rosemary Turkey sandwich with Anthology blended black tea and Brooks had the Chicken Gyro with jalapeno couscous and a fable organic rooibus tea. Both of us were very pleased with our choices...despite Brooks' tea tasting a bit like medicine but hey, at least it cleared the sinuses!

It was so nice to just sit together and talk with no where to be and no schedule to follow. Being able to watch the waves of Lake Michigan and all the people walking their dogs in the January cold while we drank our tea in the cozy cafe was probably a bit too amusing. As a result, we eventually got on the topic of what kind of dog we'd like to get. I've had my heart set on a small doodle for years or another maltese mutt like Carly Boo but I think we landed on getting an Old English Sheepdog like Brooks' old Doogie. We're pretty excited...the only thing is, we need to get our lives in order enough to raise a pup first! Someday...


  1. Being able to just relax with no schedule to uphold to is definitely the best! Such beautiful pictures, and that food looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ

    1. Ageed! Those kinds of days are the best. I wish there were more of them...sounds like a belated New Year's resolution is in order! Plan more unplanned days ;)

  2. Fabulous place and food looks yummy :) xx

    1. It was delicious! Thanks for commenting! I look forward to checking our your blog. :)



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