Sunday, May 18, 2014

Montrose Dog Beach

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On this rare Sunday where Brooks was off of work, we decided the Schatz should take his first trip to Lake Michigan. Rather than visit the only other free dog park we've found so far, we instead headed to the Montrose Dog Beach in Uptown for a little more adventure. 

If you ask Schatzi, he'd say this was the place where dreams are made. Sandy beaches, scary waves, sticks to be thrown, and of course, DOGS. All the dogs Schatzi could ever wish to have chase him! 
So much running!

The day was beautiful. The water was bright blue. But because I need to pick on something, I have to say that the beach was almost too big! I felt like a parent the first time they take their kid off the leash at Disneyland. Suddenly, a bit of panic sets in as you scan the childrens' heads for your own. Let me just spot that little silver head and those floppy ears! I need to know he hasn't hopped a fence and made a run for it! Thankfully, Brooks was able to keep an eye on him better than me. 

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